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In our fast-changing world, coaching enables you or your team to tap into your full potential. Together we align your goals with those of your organisation, so both will gain.

For individuals

Learn to live and work well with one-to-one coaching from Susan Peacock, whether you’re a private client or a high-flyer referred via your organisation:

  • Build resilience

    Embed healthy lifestyle changes so you can sustain peak performance

  • Navigate change

    Respond to a stressful challenge, career move or life transition

  • Sharpen your focus

    Stop feeling scattered and pulled in every direction

  • Improve relationships

    Deal more skilfully with those around you

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For teams

As on the sports field, coaching builds strong, effective teams who work well together and succeed in the face of challenge. LiveWorkWell coaches top talent at:

Working with Susan has been instrumental in achieving the level of resilience I very much needed to cope with an executive promotion and a rapidly growing teamChief Information Security Officer, Simply Business

Choose an approach

Each coaching programme is as unique as you are. Drawing on Susan’s expertise as both a Chartered Psychologist and consultant to top organisations, we tailor an approach most appropriate for you:


Instead of jumping in with the same old reactions, you train your brain to re-focus, reflect and respond skilfully through mindfulness.

Resilience measurement

We measure your ability to bounce back with a psychometric tool, the Resilience Quotient Inventory — and help you to develop it.

Strengths assessment

We use Core Strengths’s SDI to assess what drives your performance when things go well — and when they don’t — so teams can work better together.

Firstbeat stress analytics

We track your stress and recovery with a wearable Firstbeat heart-rate monitor, linked to an online diary — and then build changes into your day.

Instrumental skills as I’ve progressed over six years from my first senior leadership position to a director of the company… Our work together continues to shape me into a more resilient, supportive, confident and agile leaderMarketing director, motor industry

Tailor the format


Individual coaching involves 90-minute sessions spread over 6 to 12 months. It starts with a chemistry meeting, normally followed by a 6-session contract.

Team coaching is tailored to your needs, usually by combining group courses with one or more individual follow-up sessions for each team member.

Between sessions we suggest hands-on exercises for lasting results.


For private clients or individuals selecting coaching through their organisation, or for teams.


At your workplace, or at Susan’s private practice in Twickenham.

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