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In this time of uncertainty, LiveWorkWell's resilience  programmes help you and your team to navigate rapid change. We partner with forward-thinking companies to build their people's wellbeing in three areas:


Build your capacity to be agile in the face of change and uncertainty. Weave recovery into your day and respond skilfully to challenge.

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Improve your focus as distractions lay siege with ever more speed. Stop flitting from task to task, and start taking the steps that matter most.

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Create genuine connection with others, unclouded by strong emotions or defensive habits. Learn the art of empathy and deep listening.

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Tailor the tools

Using science-based tools that build awareness in four key areas, Susan Peacock delivers training tailored to your unique aims:

  • Mindfulness

    Through our mindfulness training grounded in neuroscience, you rewire your brain to focus fully on the present moment.

  • Resilience analysis

    We measure your ability to bounce back with a psychometric tool, the Resilience Quotient Inventory — and help you to develop it even more.

  • Firstbeat lifestyle assessment

    We track your stress-recovery balance with a wearable Firstbeat heart-rate monitor, linked to an online diary, and then build changes into your day.

  • Team effectiveness

    Using Core Strengths’ SDI, we assess what motivates you when things go well — and when they don’t — so teams can work better together.

Select your format

Training with Susan can be in person or live online. Though we have as many programmes as we have clients, our format generally spans five levels:

1 Inspire

An interactive one-hour taster session at your conference, Town Hall event or Lunch & Learn on how to:

  • Build resilience to navigate change in fast-paced world
  • Assess your stress and recovery with heart-rate variability
  • Stop, breathe, restart through mindfulness

What they say
‘Combining mindfulness with resilience has had a fantastic effect’ – Knight Frank HR on award-winning programme

2 Introduce

A practical workshop of between 2.5 hours and a full day on:

  • Resilience and/or mindfulness techniques to skillfully engage with uncertainty, or
  • Using SDI to strengthen your team’s effectiveness, engagement and relationships

What they say
‘Incredibly relevant’ – Workshop participant at the Government Legal Department negotiating Brexit

3 Immerse

A six-week programme for teams and individuals, of six 90-minute sessions held in-house. Includes analysis by an independent researcher for measurable results:

  • Improve effectiveness and relationships through mindfulness, and/or
  • Build resilience with FirstBeat lifestyle assessment and/or analysis of each person's RQI

What they say
‘Invaluable skills for anyone in a high-pressure role’ – Boston Consulting Group course participant

4 Influencers

An impactful six-week programme for leaders grappling with constant change in a complex environment. Six 90-minute sessions equips your top talent to see the full picture yet focus on what matters, collaborate with empathy and build resilience during busy days.

The Mindful Leader is for established leaders; The Mindful Manager helps younger managers move from team player to decision maker. Includes independent analysis of results. At the media agency Publicis, these were:

Work-life balance

5 Integrate

We combine group courses with individual coaching for each leader or team member, building resilience into your organisation for lasting cultural change.

What they say
‘LiveWorkWell’s programmes have driven positive change around how we run our meetings, manage our diaries and understand how to be resilient in this fast-paced world.’ – Head of coaching & wellbeing, Simply Business

We train teams and individuals, in person or online. Get in touch to find the right programme for you.

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