The 5 keys to high-performing teams – found by Google

High-performing teams are the cornerstone of any successful organisation. The question is how to create great teams that do their best work.  Over 10 years ago, in 2012, Google set out to find the answer. Its seminal study on team performance is more relevant than ever in today’s world of constant change and remote work and was recently revisited with new insights. This Google project, named after the Greek philosopher Aristotle, researched the behaviours of over 200 teams.  Their research looked into how ‘real’ teams performed, looking at the qualities … Read More

Five ways to recover your feel-good factor

There is no doubt about it: we are living through a time of great change. It is hard to see what the future holds politically, economically and socially – and all of this uncertainty is stressful. It can feel challenging but it can also be a source of opportunity. So how do we remain open and positive in these circumstances? Incorporating recovery strategies into our busy days can make an enormous difference. It is our constant under-recovery that leads to chronic stress

In the press: Mindfulness at work

As the likes of Apple, Google, Heinz, P&G and Unilever offer mindfulness training to staff, these articles explore the role of mindfulness in the workplace

In the press: Mindfulness goes mainstream

It has been on the cover of Time, is the subject of a parliamentary report and helped Britain’s Olympians win gold. Here is how the media has covered the rise of mindfulness

The class Harvard can’t get enough of