Why multitasking is bad for you — and how to move to mono-tasking

Chances are you’ll check your phone or flick off a quick email while you read this. You’re getting things done, right? Wrong. Research now shows that multitasking — hailed in our über-busy culture as an essential skill you should master, or face being left behind — achieves far less than you think.

LWW helps to write mindfulness book

LiveWorkWell’s Susan Peacock co-authored a chapter in the book Mindfulness in the Workplace, telling the story of how she introduced mindfulness training at Publicis – one of the world’s largest advertising agencies – in 2012, at a time when the concept ‘still conjured up images of mountain tops, faraway retreats and mysticism’.

In the press: Mindfulness at work

As the likes of Apple, Google, Heinz, P&G and Unilever offer mindfulness training to staff, these articles explore the role of mindfulness in the workplace

In the press: Mindfulness goes mainstream

It has been on the cover of Time, is the subject of a parliamentary report and helped Britain’s Olympians win gold. Here is how the media has covered the rise of mindfulness