Network Rail

Network Rail

What we did LiveWorkWell delivered a course for Network Rail’s HR department to offer support to these busy professionals whose roles have been put under a lot of pressure as a result of the pandemic. Colleagues were adapting to enormous changes due to a severely impacted national rail system, and many also had to navigate the realities of working from home. What they said On how the training was beneficial for work: ‘Learning to step back and think, focusing on specific things rather than multi-tasking and how to calm myself … Read More

Government Legal Department

What we did With a brief to support the government’s legal team as they deal with complex challenges and unchartered territory in negotiating Brexit, LiveWorkWell held a half-day workshop on stress, resilience, wellbeing and mindfulness. We presented another half-day workshop on resilience and mindfulness to a Government Legal Department team working at the Department for Transport, who were preparing for Brexit and delivering the government’s policy priorities to tight deadlines and in the face of competing interests, not to mention external pressures from their lives outside work. What they said … Read More

Oxfordshire County Council

What we did Amid government policy change and huge cuts, LiveWorkWell offered mindfulness training – from over-subscribed taster sessions to annual six-week programmes – to raise productivity and build resilience in the dedicated team at Oxfordshire County Council. What they said ‘I am able to manage my thoughts with awareness, which translates into a more organised and productive working day.’ – Oxfordshire County Council participant ‘Recognising pressures that can be managed more easily than I thought. Focusing on work has been easier. Generally getting more done through this focus.’ – Oxfordshire … Read More

The Whitehall and Industry Group

What we did LiveWorkWell has held wellbeing workshops across Britain for public and private sector firms that are members of the Whitehall and Industry Group (WIG). The sessions explored how leaders, teams and individuals can use mindfulness to bounce back. What they said Asked what they found useful, business representatives said: ‘The possibility of being able to concentrate more clearly on an overloaded job but at the same time finding out how to switch off.’ – WIG participant ‘Susan’s obvious credibility, research and passion about the subject, combined with real examples of how … Read More

University College London Hospitals

What we did A four-week course to help a group at University College London Hospitals deepen their practise of mindfulness at work and home. They had done an initial course with Susan Peacock in her capacity as a trainer for the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, and invited her back through LiveWorkWell for more. What they said Participants reported ‘an improved ability to handle stress; feeling less distracted while at work; more likely to be able to switch off after work; feeling more productive as an employee; a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day and … Read More